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Tango Domingo with Diego Lanau

DiegoSueTango Domingo with Diego Lanau

June, July, August, September and October 2011


At Tango Fantastico we have been very lucky:  All Summer long, Diego Lanau has shared his expertise on Musicality.  A total of Five Tango Domingo workshops included listening to and dancing to both slow and fast orchestras, orchestras with different arrangements of the same musical composition, movements to fit the tempo, giros, boleos, sacadas and barridas.


Diego has a penchant for technique and clear leading.  His style is traditional and quite specific.  Now a familiar face in our midst, we express our appreciation for his quality contribution to our understanding of Tango and look forward to his return.


Diego is now visiting his home in Buenos Aires for the holiday season and will return to the Bay Area in January 2012.





Mothers Day Tango

Tango Domingo - Mother's Day 2011

Mom brings the whole family! 


Clara and Dave brought their entire family for an introduction to Tango

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable workshop and practica, and for supplying all the snacks, goodies and chocolates - yum!

TESO Tango Festival

Jorge Torres & Chino Hara Negracha & Diego

TESO: Tango... ESO!

Multiple Workshops with over 30 students in each

Great Showcase Performances

High Energy Milonga till 1:00am!!

and Sizzling Performances by our teachers

Jorge Torres

TESO Teachers

was joined by

Negracha & Diego Lanau

at the first

TESO Tango Festival

February 19, 2011

Special Thanks to the courageous TESO Showcase Dancers:  Dave & Eugenia, Chris & Gina, Eugene & Raisa, Vladimir & Alona

Showcase at Dance Spectrum


The Dance Spectrum Showcase

Saturday, July 17th from 4-8pm

Showcase encluded a brief Argentine Tango performance by Sue & Oskar

Tango: En la Huella del Dolor by Osvaldy Fresedo

Milonga: Tango Negro by Juan Carlos Caceres

Tantalizing Torres Tango

Jorge TorresJorge Torres was here!

"Thank you, Maestro, for your wonderful inspiration and teaching, we will apply ourselves and practice the techniques you demonstrated so beautifully 'one million times'  (per your recommendation) before you return.

~ Sue Flanagan  & the South Bay students

  Reflections of Jorge from students:

"I find he guides leaders from his decades of experience in tango and then challenges them with patterns that simply and efficiently test their real knowledge of the technique being taught."

~ E.C.B., June 2010

“As always, my lesson with Jorge was a transcendental experience. When else do you get to spend time exploring your inner being for your true self, expressed through dancing. I always come away from these lessons with Jorge with a much more balanced, relaxed approach to dancing and to life.”

~ S. M., June 2010

Jorge Torres


Jorge Torres and Sue Flanagan
September 15, 2009

This was the fifth time Tango Fantastico has hosted Jorge Torres in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Our Maestro gave us some of the inside secrets to his magical dancing on this tour with his "Illusions and Magic" theme.

**From San Francisco to the Monterey Bay**

Pampa Cortés


Pampa Cortés and Sue Flanagan
December 13, 2009

We all had a wonderful time learning and laughing with Pampa at the pre-milonga class on December 13, 2009.  What a ray of sunshine he is!

We have invited Pampa to return in 2010 to conduct workshops at Dance Blvd.  - watch for announcements

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