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Tango Domingo with Diego Lanau

DiegoSueTango Domingo with Diego Lanau

June, July, August, September and October 2011


At Tango Fantastico we have been very lucky:  All Summer long, Diego Lanau has shared his expertise on Musicality.  A total of Five Tango Domingo workshops included listening to and dancing to both slow and fast orchestras, orchestras with different arrangements of the same musical composition, movements to fit the tempo, giros, boleos, sacadas and barridas.


Diego has a penchant for technique and clear leading.  His style is traditional and quite specific.  Now a familiar face in our midst, we express our appreciation for his quality contribution to our understanding of Tango and look forward to his return.


Diego is now visiting his home in Buenos Aires for the holiday season and will return to the Bay Area in January 2012.





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