Tango Talent

Jorge Torres

Jorge TorresJorge Torres, a world-renowned Tango Choreographer, Dancer, and Impresario of dance productions, is amazing to behold on the dance floor, as he dances with a quiet and smooth style.

His refined talents and style place him among the outstanding choreographers and dancers of Argentine Tango. Before graduating as a teacher of dancers, Jorge began his career in the Teatro Colón. He has studied with famous dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango such as Norberto Guichanduc, Rodolfo Dinzel, Pepito Avellaneda and Antonio Todaro. He has danced in the most noted tango houses and theaters of Argentina and with renowned orchestras of Tango. He has participated in such shows as "Imagenes", "Tango y Añoranzas", "La Pesada del Tango", "Tangokinesis ", "Tanguisimo 91", "Tango Tango", "Viva Tango", "Tango Passion", "Buenos Aires Tango Show", "Tango Seduccion".


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Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo

Miriam  & LeonardoFOX’S “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” Tango Choreographers

Miriam & Leonardo are both from Argentina. Trained in Ballet, Jazz, stage and social TANGO. Miriam is Famous as the iconic image of The Broadway-London hit “Forever Tango” Leonardo was part of the cast of “ Forever Tango” and danced at the most famous Tango shows in Buenos Aires.


Miriam & Leonardo have an international reputation as Instructors, performers and choreographers of Argentine Tango and now they are sharing their mastery, passion and magic. They are producing their annual event: “LOS ANGELES DE TANGO FESTIVAL" at Radisson Hotel in Culver City. Performing and teaching at major Tango Festivals such as "Nora's Tango week", "Boston Tango Festival" "Tango Fantasy" And many more...



In January 2009 they achieved the Gold Medal representing Argentina on the International Dance competition. They won first place as the Tango duet on NBC’s new series “Superstars of Dance.”


Miriam & Leonardo were invited by producer Nigel Lythgoe to perform at his TV program as special guest and at the moment they are the TANGO choreographers for FOX'S“SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” Nov, 2005/06/07/08/09/10, Los Angeles de Tango Festival, Nov.22 -23. 2008, Tango Adamor Show, Principal dancers and choreographers Jan.2009, NBC SuperStars Of Dance Champions “Dancing With The Stars” and “ America’s Got Talent”, performers and choreographers 2009/2010 /2011 FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance”


Tango choreographers Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo are currently considered one of the top Tango Couples of the World.

Maria Blanco

Maria Blanco    Maria Blanco had finished high school and was about to start university when she realized what she really wanted was not fashion design, it was dancing. As a child she studied ballet dance with a teacher who woke up her senses using music and scents to introduce her to the language of dancing. Maria has always been connected to art in its many different expressions. She has studied: mural painting, percussion, photography, pottery and acting. In addition to Tango, she has studied several dance and movement forms including: Afro and Afro-American dance, jazz, modern, ballet, yoga and pilates. Maria is always in touch with art by painting and pottery because she thinks that “to live surrounded by art wakes up your senses, the different expressions nourish each other and the sensibility of an artist is endless.” Maria began dancing tango the day a friend asked her to take a class. She fell completely in love with tango the day she first entered a milonga – the people, the atmosphere and the music charmed her forever. “Art is a language: a tool of knowledge and a tool of communication” Jean Dubuffet.

Maria has performed in several shows, tango festivals, corporate events, advertisements and TV presentations around the United States, Brasil and Argentina. Modeled for Vogue, National Geographic and Travel & Lesure photographers.

Diego Lanau

DiegoSueIn 1995 Diego Lanau began studying tango with Luis Boccia in the Manuel Belgrano Fine Arts school where Diego later (1999) became a teacher in drawing, painting, sculpture and engraving. In 1998 Diego joined the Mora Godoy group in Club Almagro where he met his first tango partner, Natalia Arcidiacono. Together they studied with Jorge and Marcela Colombo and began performing salon and fantasy style in venues such as Velez Sarfield Club, Boca Juniors and River Plate.

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