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Sue Flanagan, Tango Fantástico

workshop_jorge_torres-2009-01_1.jpg"It is wonderful to see the Maestro at work… there is SO MUCH to learn!" - Sharon W.

"Jorge stated he's been dancing for 38 years; I don't have that long to learn!!  He's so wonderful to watch as he glides across the floor! - how long will it take me to become only half that good???" - Jean S.

"It was by far the best workshop I've attended!" - Shekhar P.

"Jorge is the teacher that I use things from his group classes. I consistently use his ideas and incorporate what he teaches. Thank you for organizing things with him. He's a real treasure!" - Bob L.

Students dancing the tango at a workshop taught by Jorge Torres“What a wonderful experience my lesson was. It was a combination of gentle life philosophy, relaxation, massage, mind and spirit balance and, oh yes, tango.  I arrived from work, uptight and stressed, and I arrived back at work in the most peaceful state I have been in for a very long time. What a trip!”  - Su M.

"Jorge hones in on the details so that you can see exactly where you need to be and where your weight should be…" - Sharon W.

"I never knew four steps could be such a challenge!" - Wes Y.

"Every class is “Simple but Difficult!”!!" - Albert B.

"To learn so much in two hours that not only reinforced the training I have already received but introduced more of the reasons that strengthen my desire to be an Argentine tango dancer…" - Jean S.

Students dancing the tango at a workshop taught by Jorge Torres "Jorge is the very best teacher and wonderful person, and I don't know words good enough for his dancing.  I'm looking forward to more opportunities to attend his classes and workshops.
Sue, thanks a lot for organizing Jorge's visits to Bay Area, you give us all a wonderful chance to learn." - Natalia R.

"Sue, thank you for all your hard work in making these workshops happen with Jorge. Jenny and I know these opportunities just don't magically materialize. We both think these classes were the best yet, and we look forward to the next time he's here." - Bob L. & Jenny A.

"Sue, thank you so much for your unending energy to make it possible for so many to work with Jorge.  I completely enjoyed him as always and when he is around will do some more in the future.  I loved my private class with him and will do this again in a heart beat.  The show was fantastic, the music completely over the top and what shape they all are in!" - Lizbeth H.

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