Learn to Tango!


Experience the rhythm and sounds of Buenos Aires

Tango Fantástico's instruction in Argentine Tango is geared toward mastering the communication between leader and follower with an emphasis on improvisation that will allow flexibility in the dance. We will explore opportunities to adjust, adapt and modify moves in order to master continuous navigation across the dance floor with interest and imagination.

Group Class Fees

Monday Classes

FASTTRACK -- 12 week series Pre Pay $175 - recommended for novices.  Start at the very beginning and stay the course. Or Drop In $15 weekly

INTERMEDIO -- Drop In $15 weekly


Saturday Workshops

TANGO SEDUCCION -- Drop In $15 weekly

TANGO APASIONADO -- Drop In $15 weekly, and Pay It Forward by joining Tango Seduccion for an additional $10, meet new students and provide incentive


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