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Argentine Tango Intensivo - Hoschton

Argentine Tango Intensivo

What brings you here?

...Just interested?  ...Avid dancer?  ...Need a new hobby?  ...Tango?

Some responses to those standard fears for wanna-be dancers

  • If you can walk you can dance tango - it just takes learning some new skills
  • Not musical, can't find the beat - no problem, Tango dancers expression is individiual
  • Fear of close embrace - respect for personal space and comfort levels are principles we discuss at the outset


Jump in with both feet - think of it as a test drive...

Argentine Tango Intensivo

Day:  Three consecutive Saturdays

Dates:  September 17, 24 and October 1, 2022

Time:  3:00-6:00pm

A Total of Nine Hours of instruction

Sue  Sashaweb


All tango is created from walking:  Add some style and elegance, spice and interest, increase the pace or pause in an expressive way - Tango is unique every time and evolves as the skills are practiced and perfected.  Social Tango is not choreographed or rehearsed, it is created in the moment with freedom of musical interpretation, reflecting mood and intensity of connection. This creative class will accommodate students just starting out as well as students who have taken the basics before.

If you are hesitant to just join a workshop or class, then come to our Free Tango Symposium Saturday September 10, 2022 to find out more about the evolution of the dance, the culture of Argentina and why Tango is considered the foundation of all embracing partner dances. 

 Series Fee:  $150.00

                                  Payable at first class in full, cash/check

We invite you to pre-register and receive a pricing incentive at the Tango Symposium.  No partner required. Bring dry dance shoes and wear comfortable clothing.


LOCATION: Heather Wayne Performing Arts
5370 Thomspon Mill Road, Hoschton GA 30548

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