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Jorge TorresJorge Torres was here!

"Thank you, Maestro, for your wonderful inspiration and teaching, we will apply ourselves and practice the techniques you demonstrated so beautifully 'one million times'  (per your recommendation) before you return.

~ Sue Flanagan  & the South Bay students

  Reflections of Jorge from students:

"I find he guides leaders from his decades of experience in tango and then challenges them with patterns that simply and efficiently test their real knowledge of the technique being taught."

~ E.C.B., June 2010

“As always, my lesson with Jorge was a transcendental experience. When else do you get to spend time exploring your inner being for your true self, expressed through dancing. I always come away from these lessons with Jorge with a much more balanced, relaxed approach to dancing and to life.”

~ S. M., June 2010

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