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Dancing On The Square 2009


Dancing on the Square

In downtown Redwood City

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tango Performers (in order of appearance):

Bernardo & Yumiko

Yuki & Chantal

David & Nancy

Oren & Mayumi




Sponsored by the City of Redwood City

Hosted by Sue of Tango Fantastico (with guest partner Yunus)

Live Music by Hombres de Tango:

Seth & Marcello




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Tango at The Flamenco Society "Juerga"

TangoSeats were sold out at the Historic Hoover Theatre in San Jose for the Flamenco Society “Juerga”  featuring Flamenco students and teachers from the south bay.  MilongaProviding an alternate genre of cultural dance, Sue and Yuki performed a variety of tangos to an enchanted and captivated audience. 

A delightful selection of music from the authentic and traditional sounds of tango by Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta to a modern milonga on Spanish guitar played by Craig Einhorn, and ending with a full orchestral vals by Russian composer Evgenyy Doga.

Jorge Torres & Natalia Hills

Jorge Torres, a world-renowned Tango Choreographer, Dancer, and Impresario of dance productions. He is amazing to behold on the dance floor, as he dances with a quiet and smooth style.  Jorge Torres and Natalia Hills perform the tangoHis refined talents and style place him between those outstanding choreographers and dancers of Argentine Tango.

 Tango Fantástico is proud to host Jorge Torres regularly when he visits the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Please visit www.jorgetorres.tangofantastico.com for more information.

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