Tango Workshops

Occasionally Tango Fantástico hosts visiting Argentine stage celebrities, professional teachers and dancers for workshops and private classes.  Tango workshops usually designate an accomplishment level as the format of a workshop requires that students be able to comprehend verbal directions regarding position, movement and the partnership dynamics with a certain degree of proficiency.  Students who are properly qualified in a proficiency category will not detain the other students from advancing. 

Come join in the fun with authentic inspiration straight from Argentina - But come prepared, workshops are more intense and focused than regular weekly classes.  Professional teachers expect students to be motivated to experiment, work hard, and ask relevant questions. 

Remember, Argentine teachers may not be fluent in English and probably speak with an accent.

When we host visitors we will always provide some background information about their dancing careers.

Semi-Private Technical Tango Series

lilac shoeAn Intensive Course in Argentine Tango foundation designed to improve technique at every level.

Dates:  March 4/11:  March 18/25:  April 2/8   (total of six weeks in two week increments of commitment)

Time:  1:30-3:00pm

Level:  Suitable for all levels

Location:  BDS,  4850 Harwood Road, San Jose, CA 95124

Cost (Based on 6 participants)  $30 per person per week, prepaid each two weeks

Topics of Study:  Form, line, connection, intention, invitation, axis, balance, dissociation and partnership responsibilities.


Registration required - please use this inquiry form and request specific dates at time of registration: March 4/11: March 18/25: April 1/8

lilac shoe


Semi Private is for registered students only - sorry no Drop Ins

Class maximum of 6 which promises lots of personal attention and opportunities to ask questions

As always, we try to provide a gender balanced room.  Individuals welcome to register, couples should register together to avoid confusion