Tango Workshops

Semi-Private Technical Tango Series

lilac shoeAn Intensive Course in Argentine Tango foundation designed to improve technique at every level.

Dates:  March 4/11:  March 18/25:  April 2/8   (total of six weeks in two week increments of commitment)

Time:  1:30-3:00pm

Level:  Suitable for all levels

Location:  BDS,  4850 Harwood Road, San Jose, CA 95124

Cost (Based on 6 participants)  $30 per person per week, prepaid each two weeks

Topics of Study:  Form, line, connection, intention, invitation, axis, balance, dissociation and partnership responsibilities.


Registration required - please use this inquiry form and request specific dates at time of registration: March 4/11: March 18/25: April 1/8

lilac shoe


Semi Private is for registered students only - sorry no Drop Ins

Class maximum of 6 which promises lots of personal attention and opportunities to ask questions

As always, we try to provide a gender balanced room.  Individuals welcome to register, couples should register together to avoid confusion


Tags: tango,, beginners, technique

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