TESO Events

Technique, Elegance, Style & Originality

What is the TESO Evaluation Program? 

Dancers in pursuit of qualified expert opinion, evaluation, and recommendation are invited to take their Tango to a higher level by participating in this exciting program.

Technique, Elegance, Style and Originality are principles of doctrine and teaching adhered to by Jorge Torres and will be the basis of evaluation by our guest teachers.  Couples are invited to register and deliver Exhibition Presentations to receive a personal evaluation of their TESO.

TESO Exhibition Dances will be formal (appropriate tango evening dress).

Exhibition dances will be presented publicly.  The audience of friends, students and tango dancers will cheer, inspire and motivate you to achieve your optimum proficiency!

The TESO Project was designed and created by Tango Fantástico with direct consultation and guidance from Jorge Torres.


Elements of TESOJorge Torres Precision

  • Posture
  • Embrace
  • Alignment
  • Connection
  • Musical Interpretation
  • Artistic Lines

Evaluating Criteria

  • Technique
  • Elegance
  • Style
  • Originality in architecture and composition

Read about the Sunday evening format at TESO Exhibition Outline