TESO Events

TESO Exhibition Outline

Sunday Night, 9:00pm and The Pressure is On...

The TESO Exhibition is divided into four categories and four separate events.  Couples entering Tango de Salon, Milonguero Style and Tango Nuevo categories will share the dance floor with other participants in that individual category and improvise their dance to a music selection chosen by one of the judges or the DJ.
Music titles will not be announced ahead of time but the tunes will be well known, typical and appropriate to the genre in each category.
Couples entering the Tango Fantasia category will be requested to bring a digital copy of the exact version of the song or tune they have selected to exhibit their dance.  Couples in this category will take to the floor entirely alone and may set the stage for their performance (minimal props will be permitted, such as a chair.)
There will be a short break between categories while the judges offer their overall impressions to the couples.
All categories of TESO Exhibition will be concluded before the private evaluations begin.

The Pro's Perform

Following the TESO Exhibitions we will take a relaxing dancing break after which our celebrity guests, the judges and our teachers will perform for us - the way we all wish we could dance - Tango Eso!

Private Evaluations

Private evaluation, reviews and recommendations will be offered to TESO entrants during the milonga following the Exhibition.  Conversations with each of the judges will be private and brief so that every participant has an opportunity to obtain professional opinions and guidance.
Registered TESO participants will receive additional information prior to the Exhibition.

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