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Sue Flanagan: Instructor, Founder

Sue_webFollowing your heart is easier said than done, but there comes a time when the balance in one's life needs to be satisfied. When asked 'what is your day job?' I always feel a little guilty revealing that Tango is my 'day job'.  The privilege of pursuing a life in the arts takes a certain dedication.  My reward comes from watching students achieve what they constantly tell me is difficult and oftentimes 'impossible'.

Yes, in tango we manage to accomplish the impossible - miracles take a little longer - but we are artists of illusion which takes timing and precision.

Tango Fantástico is not managed single handedly, I have many supporters - family and friends who encourage me to never give up, never surrender - my web wizard who works tirelessly to make sure information gets to you via this wonderful virtual world of the Internet - studio managers with complicated timetables - but the driving force comes from students in search of higher achievement, knowledge and perfection, they challenge me and keep me sharp!

......................Sue Flanagan

*   *   *   *   * 

Sue brings a broad background in movement and dance.  With a foundation in Classical Ballet, trained in kinesiology, dance and exercise, Sue has been certified by the IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association) since 1987.  A former aerobic, anaerobic and aquarobic instructor, weight trainer and personal coach, she carries CPR certification and pursues all dance and exercise from a 'safety first' perspective.

"What was missing from all my previous exercise teaching was the beauty, the art and the passion"  --   "I feel as though Argentine Tango selected me, it has taught me to look inwardly for strength and beauty"  --  "I have discovered that Argentine Tango is the ultimate form of self-expression".


Influencers and teachers of Sue Flanagan, founder of Tango Fantástico, include:
  • Jorge Torres
  • Mariela Franganillo
  • Hugo Patyn
  • Miriam Larici
  • Guillermina Quiroga
  • Nito & Elba Garcia
  • Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa
  • Jorge Firpo
  • Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo


Pass It Forward:  May the classes and performances offered by Tango Fantástico inspire tentative and bashful observers to explore their secret desires to dance.

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