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Tango Fantástico Background

Tango Fantástico was founded in September of 2005 to expand the exposure of Argentine Tango, a cultural expressive dance, through performances, workshops and classes.

Argentine Tango is a seductive and intimate dance of unspoken conversation between couples. Captivated by the artistry and precision of the movements, the founder of Tango Fantástico, Sue Flanagan, discovered that Argentine Tango indulged her emotions in a creative, multi-dimensional form, subsequently inspiring her to raise awareness in others.

Business development, marketing and event planning are the responsibility of the founder, Sue Flanagan, an entrepreneur in business with the drive and ambition to achieve.

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Sue Flanagan: Instructor, Founder

Sue_webFollowing your heart is easier said than done, but there comes a time when the balance in one's life needs to be satisfied. When asked 'what is your day job?' I always feel a little guilty revealing that Tango is my 'day job'.  The privilege of pursuing a life in the arts takes a certain dedication.  My reward comes from watching students achieve what they constantly tell me is difficult and oftentimes 'impossible'.

Yes, in tango we manage to accomplish the impossible - miracles take a little longer - but we are artists of illusion which takes timing and precision.

Tango Fantástico is not managed single handedly, I have many supporters - family and friends who encourage me to never give up, never surrender - my web wizard who works tirelessly to make sure information gets to you via this wonderful virtual world of the Internet - studio managers with complicated timetables - but the driving force comes from students in search of higher achievement, knowledge and perfection, they challenge me and keep me sharp!

......................Sue Flanagan

*   *   *   *   * 

Sue brings a broad background in movement and dance.  With a foundation in Classical Ballet, trained in kinesiology, dance and exercise, Sue has been certified by the IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association) since 1987.  A former aerobic, anaerobic and aquarobic instructor, weight trainer and personal coach, she carries CPR certification and pursues all dance and exercise from a 'safety first' perspective.

"What was missing from all my previous exercise teaching was the beauty, the art and the passion"  --   "I feel as though Argentine Tango selected me, it has taught me to look inwardly for strength and beauty"  --  "I have discovered that Argentine Tango is the ultimate form of self-expression".


Influencers and teachers of Sue Flanagan, founder of Tango Fantástico, include:
  • Jorge Torres
  • Mariela Franganillo
  • Hugo Patyn
  • Miriam Larici
  • Guillermina Quiroga
  • Nito & Elba Garcia
  • Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa
  • Jorge Firpo
  • Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo


Pass It Forward:  May the classes and performances offered by Tango Fantástico inspire tentative and bashful observers to explore their secret desires to dance.

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