TESO Events

Saturday Night Special

Saturday Night Milonga, Performances and Photo Opp

Diego and Suewith DJ:  Emilio Flores

8:00pm -12:00 midnight $20.00
Starting at 8pm we will explore the wonderful dance of Argentine Tango with a sensational milonga in the Grand Ballroom.  Dress in your favorite tango regalia, from tailored suits and glitzy gowns, to relaxed and comfortable, or even slinky and seductive.  Then take advantage of a professional photo opportunity in tango pose or a simply a group of tango friends.  Photos will be taken digitally, preserved instantly in print for your immediate purchase on the spot!.  Suitable for mounting and framing, from postcard size to wall poster.
Oscar Chang Photography --- Photo costs will be charged separately.
***Five couples will be selected to participate in the Official TESO 2012 Group Photo with our celebrity guests***

Improvised' (Lead/Follow) and Choreographed Performances by the Masters around 10:30pm

Milonga will close at 12:00 midnight to allow enough rest for Sunday TESO workshops and celebrations

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