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Authentic Argentine Empanada Buffet

Tasty Empanda Buffet

Sunday September 30th

After a tough day of workshops we know you will be tired and hungry so relax at the TESO Festival and enjoy our Authentic Argentine Empanada Buffet:

Experience a taste of something different with Argentine empanadas by Mmoon Empanadas. Each empanada is crafted with care—fresh, sweet and savory ingredients wrapped and baked to perfection in warm flaky pastry.


The empanada, pronounced em•puh•nah•dah, is a flaky, freshly baked turnover that can be filled with beef, chicken, vegetables and more. This concept of stuffing a pastry or dough is known across the continents. In Argentina, each of the 23 provincial regions has its own empanada and local culture associated with it.


Empanada Fillings include traditional beef, sizzling sausage, and chunky chicken, to spinach, mushrooms, chilis, peppers, tomatoes & black beans

Sides: salads, corazonas and churri sauce

Beverages: soft drinks & ice water


 Empanada Buffet avialable with pre-registration only

Story Behind the Mmoon

The history of the Mmoon starts with family. Two brothers came to America from Argentina in the late 1970s, settled in the Bay Area and started families. While growing up, the brothers found inspiration in experimenting with unique combinations and flavors in food. Like various cultures around the world, food and community go together. While Argentina is known for many things: great wine, top-quality beef and the passion of tango, this family’s focus has always been the empanada. The Mendez family brings with it rich traditions of enjoying good food with family and friends.  www.themmoon.com