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[TESO] was a new and very interesting experience… The most wonderful part of doing this performance came from the comments some of the students were making to us: they found it to be inspiring and being a motivation to work on their tango technique. And that is precious. We'd like to praise you for organizing this -- TESO did turn into an event for spreading the culture and understanding of tango and, hopefully, growing the tango community in the South Bay...


Thanks for your support, encouragement, and, of course, teaching. Our performance was just a small part of the wonderful tango festival that you brought to life with even greater courage and dedication. Only when we saw the crowds on the dance floor had we realized the scale of the event, and the tremendous amount of effort on your side to make it happen. This was truly amazing! We would like to congratulate you on this great achievement. You have clearly established yourself as a prominent leader of the South Bay tango community. We applaud you! We are very lucky to have you as our tango teacher!...


Thank you!  I'm so happy to hear that we made you proud.  We had a lot of fun Saturday.  The workshops were great and our performance was exciting...


Sue, you are a terrific teacher -- and it's only fair that your students do well :)  Thanks so much for your nurturing and support...


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