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Self-Discovery through Tango

Tango is a process of self-discovery


Dancing Tango is sympathetic - the dancers physically experience (feel) one another, in motion, giving and receiving information through touch, proximity and electromagnetism


Watching Tango is empathetic – watching the dancers stirs up emotions sufficient to draw tears or hold one’s breath


Tango is a three dimensional, active art form. It is expression – expression can be experienced through both sympathy and empathy


Clarity is what separates Argentine Tango from casual partner dances. Communication is subtle, precise, gentle and yet strong. Clarity – the absence of interference – is what makes a dancer good. The combination of subtle, clear and precise communication makes the dance sensual through the lightness of touch, but requires that the dancers acquire extraordinary skills of self-discipline in balance and movement.


Leader and Follower have very different roles although both give and receive information through the subtle clarity and precision of their movements but the Leader guides the dance through intention and invitation whereas the Follower must submit to the dance, allowing her movements to accept and complete the energy from the leader


In tango our objective is not to acquire a number of patterns, steps in specific sequence, to memorize and reproduce on command


In tango our objective is to practice and learn the skills, the art of physical self-control, to share in movement whilst in the arms of another. The harmony obtained through focus and skill of both dancers allows for improvisation, expression in three dimensions, in real time – to infinity


The ability to focus on so many elements, internal and personal as well as the external aspects of the information between the partners, simultaneously, actually delivers us and separates us from daily life.  We leave behind almost everything that consumes and surrounds us, including our incessant stream of conciousness (thoughts), to truly experience the present, the connection, the floor and the music. The floor is the canvas and the music the pallette of colors we use to create our expression

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