Tango Opinion

Tango Poem


written by Sue Flanagan

recited to “Pampa” by Francisco Canaro at the Tango Symposium March 24, 2013

Tango MoonlightMay I have this dance? It’s been quite a whileTango In Red

If you give me a chance I will make you smile

I promise to focus, I won’t hold you tight

And with any luck we’ll dance all night

I’ll dance with you once but you know very well

That I’m not very good, my back ochos are hell

I promised by husband I’d be home by One

Let’s give it a try while the night is still young

Tango In ParadiseOnce we connect the tango will flowTango Bliss

I have good intentions I want you to know

Now take my embrace and then while we dance

I’ll make up some moves for you to enhance

If you’re wondering why my dancing is poor,

My balance is off, no axis, no core

You’re holding me tight and I’m struggling to breathe

Just put me down, I’ll be dancing with ease

Tango ChocolateSorry, but as you were squeezing my hand,Tango Argentina

Pinching my arm, unable to stand

I held you more tightly to keep you secure

Believe it or not my thoughts are (still) pure

I like to dance with my feet on the floor

When you hold me like this we’ll be dancing till Four

When your leading is clear I want you to know

I hear what you’re thinking…

Tango BluesThe music’s inspiring, so I’ll improvise…Tango Passion

For you not so easy, I sympathize

Come here my darling, close to my chest

I’ll do the work, you take a rest


We’re moving so smoothly I'm drifting away

I cannot remember what day is today

We’ve only just met but I feel we belong

Together, forever at least for this song

Your touch is so gentle, your tango sublime

My ochos are easy, the pivots refined

We’re moving as one, caressing the floor

While the music is playing let’s tango some more.