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Jorge Torres December 2011

PrecisionJorge Torres visits Tango Fantástico, December 3, 2011

Once again Jorge Torres spoiled us with his Energy and Elegance.  Two marvelous workshops - setting the bar of excellence higher and providing some drills and exercises to achieve it.

Oh Boy! We have work to do!

"Sophisticated Simplicity" was suitably challenging for earlier dancers but by the time we were immersed in the second workshop - "Courageous Complexity" - even the more seasoned dancers were flummoxed as they tackled the technically challenging dissociative moves.  In his usual unimposing way, Jorge demonstrated with precision and ease, and wished us luck as we tried to emulate him.

Jorge is travelling now and will return to New York for the holidays.  In early 2012 he and Chino are expecting baby #3

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