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Milonga Autentica 2011

JorgeNelMilonga Auténtica Y Zapatos del Tango con Jorge Nel y Milena

On Saturday October 29th 2011, Jorge Nel, his wife Milena and their friend Andrés gave Two Milonga Workshops in San Jose

To start us off Jorge and Milena offered a demo of Milonga Lisa, followed by Andrés and Milena dancing Milonga Traspie.  Students could easily distinguish the two different styles and found the demo motivational.  Some who had only anticipated taking the first workshop in Milonga Lisa, smooth style milonga, committed to the second workshop in Milonga Traspie, the more difficult 'trip' style.

Jorge conducted a clear, descriptive and educational program from musicality and rhythm to nuances of the axis and steps.  We all enjoyed a huge turnout of South Bay students of all levels, filling the ballroom at Dance Boulevard. 

Almost everyone bought or ordered new shoes from the MrTangoShoes collection.   Our Tango is sure to improve when we wear great shoes!

Tango Fantástico looks forward to hosting Jorge and Milena again, whenever they are on the West Coast!

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