Class & Workshop Policies

Workshop/Group Class Policies

Observation Policy

Tango Fantástico will offer an “Observation Only” option for all workshops at the published per-person attendance fee.  Observation participation will require registration and payment and will be subject to all Walk-In premium fees.   

The “Observation Only” option is not to be used by anyone as a method to acquire material for duplication in another educational setting.  Tango Fantástico reserves the right to remove an observer for any reason.   

Observers will forfeit all fees paid if they do not adhere to the Observation Policy in its entirety. 

Recording Policy

Audio and video recording, still photography and written notes will be prohibited until the Review portion of the class at which time all students may be permitted to record the material studied, equally. 

Audio/Video recording, if permitted, is solely for private use and may not be duplicated or published without explicit written consent from the management of Tango Fantástico; as well as the teachers, students and observers appearing in that recording. 


To demonstrate proper respect for teachers, organizers and fellow students, all registrants for workshops are required to check-in a minimum of 5 minutes before the scheduled workshop starting time.  A registrant arriving after the workshop has begun may be asked to wait until a suitable juncture to join a class in session.   

At the discretion of the management of Tango Fantástico, a student arriving more than 10 minutes after a workshop has begun may be refused entrance and may be charged a cancellation fee for their lack of consideration to the teachers, organizers and fellow students. 

Teacher Relaxation

On occasions where multiple workshops are offered in succession, students are required to allow the teacher(s) to relax in the break periods between sessions.  Questions pertaining to material taught should be asked during the workshop, not afterward. 

Any unanswered questions can be addressed in a Private Class with the teacher.  Private classes can be scheduled with the management of Tango Fantástico.

Cancellation Fees

Students and observers registered into a workshop but who do not offer 24 hours notice of cancellation, or registered students and observers that arrive excessively tardy may be charged a cancellation fee of $20 per person per workshop.  The cancellation fee is designed to cover administrative costs, and compensate for efforts to reach gender balance made on behalf of every student.

Private Class Cancellation Policy

If a student or couple finds it necessary to cancel a private class, 24 hours notice is requested.  If cancellation is only provided within the preceding 24 hours full instruction fees may apply, at the instructor's discretion.

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