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Tango Fantástico . . . seduccíon apasionada

Tango Fantástico, a unique concept providing on location performances of authentic Argentine Tango, spreads the culture of Argentina with the passion of Tango to communities through corporate, private and fundraising activities.

Traditionally the performing arts have been limited to grand theatres with prestigious addresses in metropolitan cities. The expensive tickets and unspoken requirement for elegant attire have prohibited the vast majority from enjoying the unparalleled passion and expression of Argentine Tango. The objective of Tango Fantástico is to fill that void by offering short programs and promotional performances through parties and galas, fundraisers and cultural events as entertainment for private, corporate and public gatherings.

Tango Fantástico is a marketing and promotional company, focused on procuring extraordinary local talent and conducting collective performances, on location, tailored to each event. Engagements will range from festive to historical, encompassing the art of dance and the culture of Argentina. Occasionally, special engagements from visiting Maestros from Argentina may become available.

Whether for business promotion, charitable fundraiser, private festivity or holiday celebration,  Tango Fantástico promises to give outstanding crowd-pleasing performances. 

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