TESO Spectaular

Spectacular Spotlight Milonga - Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Special Program in the Grand Ballroom at Dance Boulevard

Jorge & ChinoSpotlights, Showcase, & Performances!

Dancing into the wee hours!

9:00 Milonga begins

circa 10:30pm TESO Showcase

circa 11:00pm Performances

Back to dancing until the energy subsides 1am? 2am?

After a full day of workshops, TESO participants will Showcase their dancing before a panel of Judges

TESO = Technique, Elegance, Style & Originality

TESO Judges:  Jorge Torres, Diego Lanau and Negracha Lanau

TESO Contestants will receive a brief public evaluation from the judges and further evaluation privately

Performances:Negracha & Diego

Negracha & Diego Lanau

and Grande Finale Performance by

Jorge Torres & Chino Hara

Faline and Tao will need babysitters during the performance
please let us know if you are willing and available!

Milonga Entrance: $20.00

Discounts available with workshop registrations!

Felina Shoes will be on display and for sale throughout the day

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