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Experience the rhythm and sounds of Buenos Aires

Tango Fantástico's instruction in Argentine Tango is geared toward mastering the communication between leader and follower with an emphasis on improvisation that will allow flexibility in the dance. We will explore opportunities to adjust, adapt and modify moves in order to master continuous navigation across the dance floor with interest and imagination.

Argentine Tango for Beginners

Short Series in Tango Fundamentals       Evolution2


Developing the body to achieve the fundamental elements of Argentine Tango takes a little dedication and focus. To maximize individual attention without the expense of a private class, Tango Fantástico is currently offering a monthly introductory series for Beginners. This 4-week course is designed to begin at the beginning with the embrace, posture, intention, linear movement, parallel and cross system, invitation and circular movement.

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4 Weeks - Tuesdays - February 7, 14, 21, 28


LOCATION:  Ballroom Dance Supply
4850 Harwood Road,
San Jose, CA 95124
Limited to 6 students...


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