Learn to Tango!


Experience the rhythm and sounds of Buenos Aires

Tango Fantástico's instruction in Argentine Tango is geared toward mastering the communication between leader and follower with an emphasis on improvisation that will allow flexibility in the dance. We will explore opportunities to adjust, adapt and modify moves in order to master continuous navigation across the dance floor with interest and imagination.

Private Tango Instruction

sil6transWhatever the level of your dancing, private tango instruction provides a more measurable advancement and a greater sense of accomplishment. Private sessions secure an opportunity to focus on personal technique at a comfortable pace and provide a forum to thoroughly address individual questions. Sessions for individuals or couples may be made by appointment.

Whether you are looking to improve individual technique, work out the kinks with your partner, or catch up on missed classes, we can provide the attention you need to feel at ease on the dance floor.

  • Individual Tuition:  private class - one person, either leader or follower
  • Couples Tuition:  semi private class – share the cost with your partner

Class Inquiries