Tango Workshops

Saturday Workshops

Tango In RedNovember 2015

Saturday Workshops resume at Starlite Ballroom

3:00-4:30pm  Tango Seducción - Beginners & returning students

An intensive workshop style class in Fundamentals for beginners and returning dancers. Classes are continuous (not a series) and designed to train students to achieve fluid movement, core control, axis, balance, frame and dissociation, through intention and invitation.

To achieve maximum potential and fastest growth, this curriculum may be combined with the FASTTRACK beginner classes offered by Tango Fantástico.

4:30-6:00pm  Tango Apasionado - Intermediate & Up

Enjoy a focused intermediate workshop that introduces new moves and incorporates them into familiar sequences. Filled with information Tango Apasionado cultivates immediate results. A thorough knowledge of Fundamentals is required as intermediate movements can only be successfully achieved from a solid foundation.

Single Workshop:  $15

Intermediate students may elect to take the beginners class to review fundamentals and pay-it-forward to incoming students: Two workshops $25

Location:  Starlite Ballroom, 5178 Moorpark Avenue #60, San Jose CA 95129

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