Tango Workshops

Saturday Workshop

Tango MoonlightOctober 2015

October 17, 2015 -- Gancho, gancho

Gancho for leaders, gancho for followers, repeat!  Exploring ganchos, gancho combinations, finishing touches and even a rally!


October 10, 2015 -- El Centro Del Tango

The Center of Tango:  Center of the individual dancer, center of rotation, center of the circle, center of the dance floor and the energy center.  An exploration of tango elements we need to understand - physically.


October 03, 2015 -- Blocking and Exits

The success to failure ratio with planned or choreographed involved tango sequences is almost always unrewarding due to the constant changes in the environment (other dancers moving around the floor), limiting everything from our direction to our expression - that is, unless we have the whole floor to ourselves.  To overcome these perceived restrictions we need to acquire the skills that will allow us to change midstream.  Starting with a reasonably complicated sequence we will look at multiple ways to adapt, alter and "Improvise" solutions.

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