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Tango In ParadiseSeptember 2015

September 26, 2015 -- Applied Physics

Various forces are at work when we dance Tango.  We are working with energy.  Consider these actions: Attract, repel, resist, absorb, rotate, accelerate and displace...And these concepts:  gravity, balance, kinetic energy, inertia, momentum and wave motion.  Sound familiar?

Understanding how two tango dancers work together requires a sensitivity towards how each individual action affects one's partner - negatively or positively.


September 19, 2015 -- Expression

Happy, sad, mischievous or playful, through tango we are able to express our mood.  Taking a couple of sequences involving both linear and circular tango moves, we will explore how to change the expression by altering fundamental elements starting with the embrace.  Music is the vehicle we use to generate a 3 dimensional expression which is why occasionally an unfamiliar tune can be particularly inspiring.


September 12, 2015 -- Side Colgada/ Back Volcada sequence

These tango moves are Off-Axis and while they can be a lot of fun they also have some obvious risks, due to being Off-Axis. Even when leaders have developed great skills there is still an issue of TRUST as every follower needs to be convinced that their leader will ‘be there’ to support them (their axis).  Words do not suffice - great skills are the only convincing factor.

The Colgada is an exercise in balance away from a shared, central axis at the floor. The Volcada is an exercise in balance working from a fulcrum (at the chest) which creates a shared central axis above the floor.


September 5, 2015 -- Caress the floor

Our connection with the floor is paramount in creating a fluid, smooth and elegant dance. This includes a study of the way our legs move in every step as well as fancy moves such as boleos al piso, barridas and many embellishments. A good understanding of the connection with the floor will improve balance and stability too.

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