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June 2015

 Saturday, June 27, 2015    Tango Therapy

Almost meditation, Tango manifests the discipline of centering, focus and self awareness. For some the dance is purely social - but for others the rewards of achievement, through honing the skills of self discipline, transcend the shallower aspects of merely 'having a good time'. This week we will go deeper into the 'soul' of tango, rise above our daily troubles and drift into blissful awareness.


Saturday, June 20, 2015    Sacadas

Sacadas (displacement) – the gentle art of stealing the partner’s position by first [effortlessly] persuading them to vacate it!

To master even the simplest example in this sophisticated category of invasive moves requires a well honed foundation in basics. And the only way to succeed is to understand that nothing in Tango is as easy as it looks, and that what the eye sees can be deceiving…
Ultimately the complexity can be reduced to one very important element - everything relies upon a good frame!
So while this is an intermediate level topic, there is something in this class for everyone as we will focus on the importance of the frame.


Saturday, June 13, 2015  Heads Up! - A look at floorcraft

Mastering floorcraft requires spontaneity, artistry and skill. The leader is responsible for negotiating multiple factors, utilizing openings on the floor, avoiding collisions all while keeping the dance interesting, therefore the follower must be ready for anything and unconditionally follow the leader. In short: Floorcraft involves Navigation and Awareness.

Too keep it challenging we must also remember to uphold all the (unwritten) rules of etiquette, follow the line of dance and be respectful of lanes. This important aspect of social dancing demands Heads Up!


Saturday, June 6, 2015  Fundamentals

What constitutes Fundamentals?  In tango we need to acquire a sensitivity toward our partner so that we can allow information to flow.  We call this "Connection".  Moving with another person in our embrace requires that we are tuned-in and focused on subtle movements, each to the other.  Several elements of form help us establish "Connection" but they are challenging to sustain once the dance begins.  Posture, frame and intention are among the first principles we learn.  As we progress we start to appreciate the many facets of motion, linear and circular, and the skill to balance on a single axis and pivot.

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