Tango Workshops

Saturday Workshop

Tango ArgentinaMay 2015

May 16, 2015  Re Connect

Focus will be on creating a level of communication that is intimate and clear. The music will inspire our movements but we must work as a single unit through connection....the giving and receiving of information to determine direction, speed, intensity, and unity.


May 23, 2015  New Steps or New Skills?

We often think that what we want from a class is a new figure, pattern or sequence but this approach only serves to remove us one step further from the true essence of Tango.  Learning skills presents opportunities -- and in more ways than you may realize.  This week we will look at how the improved execution of any movement creates an opportunity to explore the terrain rather than follow a beaten path.


May 30, 2015  Exchange of Energy
One element that the observer of authentic Argentine Tango may not be able to put into words is the exchange of energy.  The way it is achieved is through the independent core and axis control of the individual dancer.  Initiated by the leaders intention the follower receives the “volley”.  Sometimes she keeps the “ball” until the energy subsides (settling) while other times the leader takes it back.  Longer sequences could be considered a “rally”, or continuous exchange of energy.


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