Tango Workshops

Tango Symposium Feedback

The March 24, 2013 Tango Symposium was an experiment, a trial run, which is proving to be of great interest to both the panelists and the attendees:

A word in retrospect from our panelists:

Thank you for inviting me to your symposium, you are a very creative, intelligent , talented & dedicated teacher. IS

You are welcome! It was fun! Good idea to try it every once in a while.  Thanks for organizing! AZ
[Your Tango Symposium] was an interesting event.  I'm afraid that we have not explained enough the difference of dance styles. YK


Response from the audience:

Sunday was a truly rare and valuable experience for me. I sure appreciate all your efforts to bring various perspectives to us.  SL

I was fascinated to observe your reaction and to see the dance and personal connection between you and each leader. What is interesting to me is that each leader asks or desires a follower, (you in this case), to respect, follow and more or less, “ to listen to his uniqueness”. By uniqueness I mean each leader is demonstrating what is significant or unique in their style of Tango. This “focus” is a core aspect of each leaders psyche, so much so, that each leader’s art form reflects their unique personal Tango style and is elevated into a form representing a personal signature of significance.   SL

Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful event for us.  It was indeed very educational and I would welcome more events of this type.  NM
Thanks for bringing another educational, fun Tango program to us and I am definitely interested in more in the future.  SV

Yes, I would like to have another opportunity to attend the Tango Symposium.  Yes, the classical style suits me just fine.  Thank you.  I am having such a good time in your class.  MT

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