Tango Classes

Tango Fantástico offers multiple opportunites for you to learn to Tango:

  • Weekly Group Classes for Beginners and Intermediate students with a special focus on developing technical skills
  • Afternoon/evening appointments for Private Classes


We are always open to new opportunities, new venues and new students!

Introducing the “PROGRESSIVE”

On the cutting edge: Tango Fantástico is attributed with introducing innovative instructional and educational ideas to the San Francisco Bay Area tango community.

--History of Tango Fantástico Class Structure--


Starting in 2016 Tango Fantástico is introducing a new class format that encapsulates the current situation, the need for students to integrate and excel in a friendly environment conducive to learning.


…..and I thought to myself, how about a two hour session of ever increasing technical difficulty, providing every dancer an opportunity to push their individual skills to achieve their personal best: A single two hour class of continuous education in Argentine Tango. As the name suggests, the format will be one of progressive training, steadily increasing dissociative skills. The concept is one of continuous education: Incorporating new students with experienced dancers but providing the opportunity for each to achieve progressively more challenging skills through exposure to increasing complexities of the dance.


Novices and Beginners are encouraged to attend the first hour as participating students, enjoy moving with more experienced dancers and making new acquaintances while acquiring a solid foundation. In addition, all beginners are invited to watch the second hour to see how a fundamental move they have learned is applied in more complex situations. All classes will start with a few drills and exercises to focus the mind and prepare the body for dance. Fundamental moves will be studied to provide a foundation from which the more complex aspects will be explored.


All students are required to start at the beginning of the Progressive class. Elements of the first hour will determine a student’s technical acuity and suitability to continue into the more advanced portion. At approximately the one hour mark the teacher will ask the less technically skilled dancers to leave the floor. Those remaining will be attempting what at first may seem impossible, such is the motivation to acquire a higher skill set.  Reward is found in personal achievement.

…….progress will be made!teso12mil


Class Fee structure:  The fundamental portion of the class carries a reduced cost of $10.00*. The full Progressive class is $20.00*. Everyone stays for the first hour. From then on I may ask a student to withdraw based on the technical skill set they have demonstrated. This should not be construed as a criticism or personal attack. It is merely a precautionary step to protect the welfare of students with a higher skill set. A lack of technical skills is where injuries can occur. The technically untrained dancer cannot perceive the potential for inuring their partner, but I can distinguish these elements and make decisions that will keep everyone challenged at their technical level of excellence.

*Prices subject to change – eventually.



Class Descriptions

All group tango classes are focused on building skills not steps!

Tango Chocolate

FASTTRACK for Beginners

The FASTTRACK... A 12 week intensive curriculum in Fundamentals for beginners.  Enjoy this focused, steady growth curriculum to prepare them for the Tango social scene.

Each week learn new skills and applications, and add them to moves from prior weeks - build a vocabulary of steps to use in multiple combinations.  Success comes from dedication and practice. Start at the beginning and stay the course.

INTERMEDIO  for Continuing Dancers

Intermedio provides increasing challenges building on a strong foundation.  Individual achievement varies but 6 months to1 year of continuous training in fundamentals should achieve the technical proficiency necessary for this class.  Expand your tango vocabulary and work on transitions as this class introduces more complex moves: Sacada, Parada, Barrida, Boleo, Gancho and Enrosque... and more!


Tango Argentina

TANGO SEDUCCION for Beginners & Returning Students

An intensive workshop style class in Fundamentals for beginners and returning dancers. Classes are continuous (not a series) and designed to train students to achieve fluid movement, core control, axis, balance, frame and dissociation, through intention and invitation.

TANGO APASIONADO for Continuing Dancers

Enjoy a focused intermediate workshop that introduces new moves and incorporates them into familiar sequences. Filled with information Tango Apasionado cultivates immediate results. A thorough knowledge of Fundamentals is required as intermediate movements can only be successfully achieved from a solid foundation.

Class Admission Prerequisites

Tango Fantastico class levels, qualifications and evaluation:

To preserve the integrity of current Tango Fantástico students' learned classical technique, students transferring from other regions are asked to start out by attending fundamentals classes.  Both Fundamentos and Tango Seduccion are for beginners and transitioning students.


Students will be evaluated while being introduced to the particular technique taught by Tango Fantástico.  Once the student demonstrates the physical ability to adequately perform the skills taught in fundamentals they will be invited to advance to Intermediate I.  The same process of training and evaluation of skills will provide for advancement into Intermediate II and ultimately Advanced.


All students are encouraged to continue to take as many classes at lower levels as they can, which are offered with a price incentive.  The 'Pay-it-Forward' program provides an inexpensive way to continuously review fundamentals, transitions and basic elements of Tango while welcoming new students into the Tango Fantástico community.


The prerequisite program provides an environment of similarly skilled, qualified and accomplished dancers to study with one another and excel at Tango.

Class 2013

Private Tango Instruction

sil6transWhatever the level of your dancing, private tango instruction provides a more measurable advancement and a greater sense of accomplishment. Private sessions secure an opportunity to focus on personal technique at a comfortable pace and provide a forum to thoroughly address individual questions. Sessions for individuals or couples may be made by appointment.

Whether you are looking to improve individual technique, work out the kinks with your partner, or catch up on missed classes, we can provide the attention you need to feel at ease on the dance floor.

  • Individual Tuition:  private class - one person, either leader or follower
  • Couples Tuition:  semi private class – share the cost with your partner

Class Inquiries


Progressive: Summer - Fall 2016

Starting September 2016

Saturdays from 3pm "Progressive" workshops for all levels in San Jose:


Beginners are encouraged to attend as they will appreciate moving with more experienced dancers while acquiring a solid foundation. 

Continuing students will be able to improve their technical skills while addressing more complex moves and combinations.

All classes will start with a few drills and exercises to focus the mind and prepare the body for dance.

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Argentine Tango for Beginners

Short Series in Tango Fundamentals       Evolution2


Developing the body to achieve the fundamental elements of Argentine Tango takes a little dedication and focus. To maximize individual attention without the expense of a private class, Tango Fantástico is currently offering a monthly introductory series for Beginners. This 4-week course is designed to begin at the beginning with the embrace, posture, intention, linear movement, parallel and cross system, invitation and circular movement.

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4 Weeks - Tuesdays - February 7, 14, 21, 28


LOCATION:  Ballroom Dance Supply
4850 Harwood Road,
San Jose, CA 95124
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