Tango Classes

Argentine Tango at White County Rec

Argentine Tango - Debuts at White County Recreation Department

12 Weeks Starting October 1st, 2019

Tuesdays 5:30pm -- 7:00pm

  • Traditional Tango from Argentina is the purist form of dance, the manifestation of face to face partner dancing
  • The music plays, the dancers take an embrace and are whisked away, escaping the worries of life
  • In dance we explore our selves, a journey of self-discovery

Tango Argentino by Misha Lenn

Weekly Drop In $15.00 per person

PrePay for 12 weeks $150.00 (and save $30.00) non-refundable

This is an adult class - if you can walk, you can tango!

White Country Recreation Department, 327 Asbestos Road, Cleveland, GA 30528


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