Tango Classes

2018 January - March

Argentine Tango - Developing Skills

Weekly Saturday Class 3:00-5:00pm

Starting January 2018

sil1transFirst Hour - Connection and Partnership

(suitable for Beginners required for all second hour students)

Tango is a dance of connection but learning to connect is possilby more difficult than one might imagine.  It is necessary to find a state of calm, but ever-present focus, aware and sensitive.  An appreciation for subtle changes is how the dance develops.  The desire for improvisation can evolve early with the realization of the possibilities emerging from connection.  Advancement is achieved through the development of dissociative skills.

Fees:  $15  Students are welcome to sit and quietly watch the second hour

Second Hour - Complexity through Dissociation

(suitable for experienced social dancers and accomplished students)

Dissociation is achieved from a sound basis in connection, but what exactly is dissociation as it relates to Argentine Tango?  sil6trans

Each dancer gradually develops strong personal skills in the separation of active and passive movements of their body: Creating tension in muscles that are performing the action, establishing a frame and holding a balanced position, possibly rotating in a pivot, while allowing the unused leg to 'trail' without tension.

In partnership, dissociation extends through the connection.  Each lead affects the follower, who allows her body to respond.  Energy passes between the dancers fluidly.  The complex chain reaction of the leaders compounding movements generates a series of actions through the follower that move not ony her axis, but extends into the use of her dissociative skills by applying twists and arrests.  Each action may eventually be dispelled through the trailing leg with exciting whips, wraps and dramatic sweeps.

Fees:  $20  Students are required to attend the first hour

LOCATION:  Ballroom Dance Supply
4850 Harwood Road,
San Jose, CA 95124

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