Tango Classes

A Splash of Tango

Tango Fantástico announces New West Side Location


A Splash of Tango is to introduce the new studio and review its viability as a permanent class location

Razi Academy of Music and Arts
4125 Blackford Avenue, #145
San Jose, CA 95117

Introductory Program:  April 14th through May 5th, 2016

Trish y Elena

Tango Fundamentals

The Tango foundation must be strong to support the structure of the dance. If you are a little sketchy on the basics your dance may be lacking in flourish. In Tango Fundamentals we develop skills from which to build an increasingly interesting dance.

A professional dances with ease because they have acquired the skills to make it appear effortless.

Level:  Suitable for novices, beginners, rusty and addicted dancers


Innovation and Creativity

Starting with a simple pattern we will increase the complexity through the continuous addition of dissociation. The focus is to develop specific skills in the dance while introducing a sound method for dancers to continuously pursue more challenging transitions and combinations.

Re-invention, always somewhat familiar and yet distinctly different.

Level:  Proficient dancers keen to improve in every way