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Introducing the “PROGRESSIVE”

On the cutting edge: Tango Fantástico is attributed with introducing innovative instructional and educational ideas to the San Francisco Bay Area tango community.

--History of Tango Fantástico Class Structure--


Starting in 2016 Tango Fantástico is introducing a new class format that encapsulates the current situation, the need for students to integrate and excel in a friendly environment conducive to learning.


…..and I thought to myself, how about a two hour session of ever increasing technical difficulty, providing every dancer an opportunity to push their individual skills to achieve their personal best: A single two hour class of continuous education in Argentine Tango. As the name suggests, the format will be one of progressive training, steadily increasing dissociative skills. The concept is one of continuous education: Incorporating new students with experienced dancers but providing the opportunity for each to achieve progressively more challenging skills through exposure to increasing complexities of the dance.


Novices and Beginners are encouraged to attend the first hour as participating students, enjoy moving with more experienced dancers and making new acquaintances while acquiring a solid foundation. In addition, all beginners are invited to watch the second hour to see how a fundamental move they have learned is applied in more complex situations. All classes will start with a few drills and exercises to focus the mind and prepare the body for dance. Fundamental moves will be studied to provide a foundation from which the more complex aspects will be explored.


All students are required to start at the beginning of the Progressive class. Elements of the first hour will determine a student’s technical acuity and suitability to continue into the more advanced portion. At approximately the one hour mark the teacher will ask the less technically skilled dancers to leave the floor. Those remaining will be attempting what at first may seem impossible, such is the motivation to acquire a higher skill set.  Reward is found in personal achievement.

…….progress will be made!teso12mil


Class Fee structure:  The fundamental portion of the class carries a reduced cost of $10.00*. The full Progressive class is $20.00*. Everyone stays for the first hour. From then on I may ask a student to withdraw based on the technical skill set they have demonstrated. This should not be construed as a criticism or personal attack. It is merely a precautionary step to protect the welfare of students with a higher skill set. A lack of technical skills is where injuries can occur. The technically untrained dancer cannot perceive the potential for inuring their partner, but I can distinguish these elements and make decisions that will keep everyone challenged at their technical level of excellence.

*Prices subject to change – eventually.



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