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2018 January - March

Argentine Tango - Developing Skills

Weekly Saturday Class 3:00-5:00pm

Starting January 2018

sil1transFirst Hour - Connection and Partnership

(suitable for Beginners required for all second hour students)

Tango is a dance of connection but learning to connect is possilby more difficult than one might imagine.  It is necessary to find a state of calm, but ever-present focus, aware and sensitive.  An appreciation for subtle changes is how the dance develops.  The desire for improvisation can evolve early with the realization of the possibilities emerging from connection.  Advancement is achieved through the development of dissociative skills.

Fees:  $15  Students are welcome to sit and quietly watch the second hour

Second Hour - Complexity through Dissociation

(suitable for experienced social dancers and accomplished students)

Dissociation is achieved from a sound basis in connection, but what exactly is dissociation as it relates to Argentine Tango?  sil6trans

Each dancer gradually develops strong personal skills in the separation of active and passive movements of their body: Creating tension in muscles that are performing the action, establishing a frame and holding a balanced position, possibly rotating in a pivot, while allowing the unused leg to 'trail' without tension.

In partnership, dissociation extends through the connection.  Each lead affects the follower, who allows her body to respond.  Energy passes between the dancers fluidly.  The complex chain reaction of the leaders compounding movements generates a series of actions through the follower that move not ony her axis, but extends into the use of her dissociative skills by applying twists and arrests.  Each action may eventually be dispelled through the trailing leg with exciting whips, wraps and dramatic sweeps.

Fees:  $20  Students are required to attend the first hour

LOCATION:  Ballroom Dance Supply
4850 Harwood Road,
San Jose, CA 95124

Focus 2018

old south american mapApparently I have earned a reputation as a "Guardian of the Art".  This is a wonderful compliment and it places a considerable responsibility on me to continue to protect the principal elements that characterize traditional, authentic Argentine Tango.  In 2018 it is my intention to focus every class on improving the quality, clarity and precision of:

Connection, Dissociation & Improvisation

 Connection:  Gentle touch with focused concentration, the 'connection' is best described as transcendental.  Partners focus on one another to develop an invisible but palpable relationship, defined by the desire to remain in a measured close proximity without interrupting or imposing on one another.

Dissociation:  With reference to self, dissociation is the separation and independent calculated movement of different parts of the body.  With reference to partner, we develop an understanding of how the transfer of energy may be given and received consecutively, not concurrently, which is observed as 'energy in motion'.

Improvisation:  When the partners connect and have developed sufficient dissociation they are able to move in a uniquely coordinated way that allows the dance to be created in real time.  Unplanned, unrehearsed.  The ultimate freedom of expression.

Tango - Captivating & Inspirational

Tango in Silouhettesilhouette6 The principal objective of Tango Fantástico is to promote the art and culture of Argentine Tango through instruction and demonstration.

Often described as the seductive dance of one body with four legs, Argentine Tango is an expressive dance that follows artistic lines which are both improvised and led.  The dancers become the music and the music is the dance.

The tango embrace is close, soft and warm. Complicated improvised patterns are executed with precision and elegance; the tangling and unraveling of intertwined legs, deliberate and poised.  The fluid movement of the dancers is captivating and unique - an improvised dance is never repeated.